RS Tribute, The “Striped Pajamas” Special/Custom- $4,000.00

Butcher-block style using numerous strips of wood for the body and neck. The neck through core consists of 5 pieces of wood: from bass side to treble, they are walnut, poplar, purpleheart, poplar and sapele mahogany. The fretboard is actually the offcut from the back of the neck, to maintain the one piece, butcher-block look. The body wings are mirror image in terms of their respective pieces, 9 pieces each, and with the correct hollow chambers. From outer edge to inner, they are: butternut, sapele, poplar, walnut, poplar, sapele, poplar, cherry and poplar. The pickguard area is actually a raised relief carving I did of the body to give the illusion of a separate, yet perfectly matched pickguard. I actually carved the entire top of the body, around the pickguard area, down 1/8″ to get the effect. The back is 1/4″ padauk with a 1/2″ wide strip of sapele in the center. Control cavity cover is 1/8″ purpleheart. The fretboard inlays are actual shirt buttons, in keeping with the striped pajamas theme. 24 frets plus zero fret, consisting of stainless steel jumbo zero fret and first 3 frets, remaining 21 frets are nickel/silver tall/skinnies. the string guide behind the zero fret is a Graph Tech Guitar Labs Tusq nut. Nut width is 1 3/4″. Width at 24th fret is 2 1/4″. Scale length is 25.5″. Fretboard radius is 12″. Neck thickness is 22mm from nut to just before the heel. Hardware consists of chrome ProLine locking tuners, a custom tremolo bridge option, Schaller strap locks, pickup options include: Burns Trisonic single coils for that classic Brian May sound, my modified Ultimate RS wiring w/ Master Switch & series/parallel switching. 250K volume, 250K tone, .022 cap, with 50’s style wiring, maple volume knob, bubinga tone knob, Switchcraft barrel jack. Finished with Minwax natural sealer, then 2 coats of lacquer to lock the grain, then 6 coats of 2 part high gloss poly, and polished to a gorgeous shine. Setup with Black Diamond 11’s, with the action at just below 1/16″ at the 12th fret, and no fret buzz anywhere.

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