Meet The Rescue Team

The Lawn Care Employees have a combined experience of 89 years in Florida turf and landscape management, both in residential and commercial.

Keith Krueger, Managing partner is excited about having all this experience and everyone own a part in the company. What brought this team together is their dedication to providing the best products and great service to their clients. Our customers agree that the Lawn Rescue team cares about providing quality service You may very well know them.

Keith grew up on a farm in Michigan where he enjoyed watching things grow and thrive while growing up.  He graduated from Central Michigan University and Majored in Business.   He began his career in lawn care 32 years ago as a technician, followed by General Manager and Regional Manager.  Keith and his beautiful wife have lived in SW Florida for over 13 years.  Together they built the company, Lawn Rescue 911 and have cultivated new friendships and very happy customers.

Brad moved here from Philly, currently lives in Cape Coral and has been in the Lawn care Industry for 18 years.

Peggy comes from Miami and now lives in Cape Coral.  She was a store manager for Macy’s 12 years.  She has worked in the Lawncare Industry for 6 years.

John moved here from Miami now lives in Cape Coral.  He has been in the Lawn-care industry for 7 years.

Greg moved here from Chicago. He has been in the Lawn Care industry for 32 years. Greg not only knows South Florida’s lawns, but he is well versed in the treatment of palms and ornamentals, tree and shrubs.